Wenatchee Mayor Mike Poirier is not being penalized for failing to include sponsorship information on advertising shortly before last year's election.  

The Washington Public Disclosure Commission has sent Poirier a warning letter instead, noting he admitted to the error.  

According to the Commission, Poirier responded to a complaint against his error, stating: “I hired a Cashmere mailing service, and this was paid as you will notice through my reporting to you. I realize now the wording was not on the card. I also take full responsibility.”  

Commission staff noted before the 2023 general election that Poirier’s campaign created political advertising that failed to include sponsor identification language required by law, including the phrases “Paid for by” or “Sponsored by,” followed by the name and full address of the sponsor.  

The Commission determined Poirier's oversight was an inadvertent error on his part and/or his campaign. 

The commission did impose a $300 penalty on James McLaughlin, who lodged the complaint about Poirer's oversight.  

McLaughlin was fined for failing to file required financial reports with the state in his unsuccessful mayoral campaign against Poirier.  

McLaughlin was only required to pay $50.00, with the commission suspending the rest of the penalty. 

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