The City of Wenatchee recently acquired some parking lots from Pybus Market.

During the Aug. 25th Wenatchee City Council meeting, Executive Services Director Laura Gloria explained how the $1.625 million purchase was split into two parcel sales.

South Pybus is selling two of their parcels on 101-125 South Worthen Street, Wenatchee for $1.17 million. The 1.12 acre property was originally used as an overflow parking lot south of Pybus.

The third parcel, located at 131 S Worthen St., was sold by ETV LLC for $455,000.

The South Pybus parcels were originally distributed amongst owners Mike Noyd from Noyd & Noyd Insurance Agency, and Mike Walker, owner of Walker Construction Design.

Walker will donate his share to the Pybus Charitable Foundation, while Noyd will sell his share of ETV LLC.

These lots currently have a 10-year covenant that explicitly designates the land for parking purposes. The city may convert the land into something else once that covenant is no longer in place.

The city will be paying for the lots through their Local Revitalization Financing fund.

The closing date deadline for this sale is Sept. 30, 2022.

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