The Wenatchee School Board has new leadership for 2023.

Board member Maria Iniguez has been elected as President.

She takes over from Martin Barron, who made the transition official at this week's meeting. "I congratulate Maria Iniguez," said Barron. "You have my trust and goodwill. And it's about time that you got the gavel."

Barron will continue to serve as a member of the Wenatchee School Board.

The group will face some tough decision in the next year with budget cuts and staff layoffs likely to take place in the district.

The downsizing is linked to a shrinking enrollment in Wenatchee Schools.

Board members also voted Julie Norton in as vice president.

Barron offered advice to the new leadership team. "The board and the executive director are tied together with the superintendent," Barron said. "We're, kind of like, in a three legged race. We have to pull together if we're going to stay on our feet and keep moving forward."

Enrollment in Wenatchee Schools is expected to shrink from 6,989 in the last school year to 6,289 in 2025-26. Revenues are expected to fall from almost $123 million in the upcoming school year to about$119 million in 2025-26.

The school district's budget page indicates retirements and resignation will not likely offset the need for staffing cuts.

Tuesday night, the board established a two-member budget committee consisting of members Martin Barron and Laura Jaecks.

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