The Wenatchee Veterans Hall is open for public tours during a three day informal open house May 19th through 21st.

Built by Veterans For Veterans is the motto and Wenatchee Valley Veterans Hall Board President Heather Hill and member George Turner say the 501(c)(3) non-profit wants to spread awareness of the facility and the services available to the veteran community and public at large.

The Veterans Hall is located at 1206 N. Wenatchee Ave on the south side of the green-roofed building shared with the Eagles lodge and next to the Buzz Inn Wenatchee restaurant.  The building is visible blocks away, just look for the U.S. flag flying proudly in front.

Turner, a Viet Nam vet and the Veterans Hall board say the facility was made possible by the City of Wenatchee, community members and veterans who donated personal time, services and financial support.

The open house is an opportunity to see inside the Veterans Hall and for some, learn about it's existence.

The Veterans Hall on Okanagan Ave was destroyed in a fire years ago forcing the organization into temporary housing at the community center on Chelan Ave that is now home to Pinnacles Prep Charter School.

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"And we ended up in the place where we are now with a lot of work, a lot of help from the city of Wenatchee.  Mayor Frank Koontz is as far as I'm concerned is responsible for having a Veterans Hall in this town right now" Turner says.

Heather Hill says the space is designed for any veteran that may have a need for a larger facility to use it. Currently, there are several civic groups that have veteran sponsors that come into use the facility at different times of the week.  The Central Washington Veterans Counseling also has group services.

A group of vets are also gathering weekly for coffee every Tuesday from eight to noon. "That is another great social gathering for vets to come in and just to intermingle with other veterans. There's no structure is just a social, interactive time that is always been beneficial" Hill adds.

Turner says the Hall is also made available to families of any veteran to have a place for a memorial or celebration of life service free of charge for their service to the country.

Photo: NewsRadio 560KPQ
Photo: NewsRadio 560KPQ

The Veterans Hall Open House is May 19th - 21st.  The public is invited to drop by for informal tours and light refreshments anytime between 12pm and 7pm

For more information, visit Wenatchee Valley Veterans Hall facebook page


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