A 25-year-old Wenatchee woman will serve 25 months in prison after pleading guilty to DUI and eluding charges in Wenatchee.

But Danielle Renae Reyes still faces charges in East Wenatchee after she allegedly slammed her car into a police cruiser during a traffic stop the same day last month.

Officers say they had to use a TASER to subdue Reyes, who'd backed into an unmarked Columbia River Drug Task Force cruiser.

Chelan County commissioners were told this week by task force leader and county Sheriff Brian Burnett that it'll cost $35,000 to replace the cruiser.

Reyes is charged with fleeing police, malicious mischief, and second-degree assault from the traffic stop.

Police say the incident took place on their third attempt to pull Reyes over within just a few minutes on Oct.19.

Officers used a maneuver called the Pursuit Intervention Technique (P.I.T.) to block her from leaving the scene.

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