The fires surrendering the White River and Irving Peak Fires received rain on Monday, with fires smoldering in the process.

On Oct. 24, all of the fires surrounding the White River Fire received rain, with the White River and Irving Peak Fire receiving a quarter of an inch of rain or more.

The White River and Irving Peak Fires have officially combined and are now known as the White River Fire. 

The White River and Meander fires have not grown much since Oct. 19. The White River Fire is currently at 11,120 acres, and the Meander Fire is at 126 acres and smoldering.

The Minnow Ridge Fire grew to 5,300 acres, however fire activity has calmed down due to the rain and will continue to be monitored.

The wind from this week has greatly improved smoky weather conditions and air quality.

Although the rain is helping with the fires, the fire activity has already weakened trees, with the amount of loose soil and rocks increasing due to the rain.

These conditions will keep road closures in place.

The gate on Road No. 6500 is closed due to hazardous trees falling on the roadway, along with  the 6404 Road and the 6210 Road. The 6400 road has reopened.

Evacuation Levels currently sit at Level 1.

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