An 18-year-old man from Connell faces charges in a drive-by shooting last week near Eastmont High school.

Police say Klysman Cabrejo Quesada got out of a Toyota Corolla at about 7pm last Tuesday evening and fired numerous shots at two teenagers who were on foot.

The victims ran away from the scene near the high school tennis courts and were later contacted by police. No one was injured.

Police say one of the victims denied being involved in the incident.

They say video from the high school and a nearby residence captured the shooting.

Cabrejo Quesada was arrested and booked into Chelan County Jail at 2:44am Friday on suspicion of two counts of suspicion of assault, drive-by shooting and unlawful firearm possession.

Police say video footage showed Cabrejo Quesada and another person from the Toyota Corolla holding guns with laser attachments.

Douglas County deputies are investigating a shooting Wednesday night in which the suspects had guns with laser attachments.

Cabrejo Quesada has a $75,000 bail and will appear in court on July 27 if still in custody, or on July 24 if he's released from jail.

Three other people in the Toyota Corolla are being sought for criminal mischief.

The shooting is thought to be gang related. One of the victims said Cabrejo Quesada uttered a gang slang term before he shot at them.

Police are crediting Othello Police in identifying Cabrejo Quesada. Othello Police said Cabrejo Quesada and another person in the car were involved in recent shootings there.

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