A 91-year-old woman is not injured, but without a home for the time being after slamming her car into her apartment.

East Wenatchee Assistant Police Chief Eric Hampton says the woman went through a moment of confusion.

"She mistook her accelerator for her brakes, and she drove her car into her apartment," said Hampton.

The accident took place just after 3pm Monday as the woman was attempting to park her car in front of her residence in the 900 block of Baker Avenue.

The woman was driving a 2008 Mercury Sabre. There were no other injuries from the mishap.

Bur Hampton says the woman and her upstairs neighbor are being placed into alternate housing at least for a few days.

"She was shaken up," Hampton said. "We had a building inspector go over and check the building. It was deemed unlivable for the time until we have an actual contractor go over there.

Hampton said it's unlikely the woman will be given a ticket for the mishap.

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