The Wenatchee Applesox is looking for host families for the upcoming season.

General Manager Allie Schank says putting up a player is a one of a kind experience and host families can be a great resource.

"These kids are in college so they are still kind of looking for the maternal/paternal figure to be around. It's also nice to come home and have a nice hot meal. That is one of the things that we typically ask of our host parents; just making sure that these kids are well fed and well rested."

In fact, the relationship between host families and players can get so close that in 2018 multiple host families traveled to other parts of the country to attend the wedding of their former player. Schank added that players can also be great role models for any kids in the house.

For more information go to, call the Wenatchee Applesox at 509-665-6900, or email Allie Schank at

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