Brewster School District is warning parents about the presence of Fentanyl that looks like candy as Halloween approaches.

A photo from the district posted on social media shows a tin box of what would normally be cough drops replaced by little green pills identified as Fentanyl.

A comment by Brewster Police says the photo is from a traffic stop they made.

The posting advises parents to remind children that they should not accept candy or pills from anybody.

It also tells parents to check all candy before kids consume it during Halloween.

In addition, the Brewster Schools Facebook page includes a message from the Lynnette Blackburn Superintendent, which states that Fentanyl is being made to look like, and is being called Rainbow Candy, and made to look like Skittles.

It says the Fentanyl pills have the letter M or the number 30 on them.

The message promotes the use of opioid related overdose reversal medication as lifesaving.

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