Beginning tomorrow (Friday, August 4), fire restrictions will increase to a Stage 2 level in parts of Chelan County.

The change affects the area known as the Chelan County Valley Zone, which includes all unincorporated lands within the boundaries of fire districts 1, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

County spokesperson Jill FitzSimmons says the change in levels will have several impacts on recreationists.

"When we hit Stage 2 that means there are no more campfires allowed in that area. Also, target shooting is no longer allowed. You can do target shooting at a gun range but that's the only place, and hunting is still permitted in open areas."

Barbecues are still allowed to be used at any homes where the Stage 2 restrictions are in effect.

FitzSimmons says there is an easy way for county residents to find out which zone they live in.

"If folks get confused, on our website we have a function where you can put in your address and it will tell you what zone you live in. Just go to the fire prevention and investigation pages."

In addition to the increase in fire restrictions, the Valley Zone's fire hazard level, which reflects how fire-prone an area is, is being elevated to “extreme,” which the highest of the county’s four fire hazard ratings (moderate, high, very high and extreme).

The changes were authorized by Chelan County Fire Marshal Stephen Rinaldi.

To find out which fire zone you live in, click here.

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