Chelan County is leaving Stage 1 fire restrictions in place until next Friday, October 28th.  

The move to extend the restrictions comes as the first rain and snow storm of the season is expected to greatly diminish wildfire danger starting Friday.. 

Spokesperson Jill FitzSimmons says the county is aware of the rain being forecast for this weekend, but they'll need to have proof.   

"They have to come," said FitzSimmons. "We have to see them for these fire prone conditions to have some relief to them. So, there is a chance that it could be lifted, the fire restrictions next week. But that's something that we're not going to do until we see what comes this weekend." 

Chelan County code calls for all fire restrictions to be lifted on October 1, but county commissioners extended them this year at the request of Fire Marshall Steve Rinaldi. 

Commissioners at this point are expected to sign another resolution Monday extending the Stage 1 restrictions through next Friday. 

Those restrictions include a ban on outdoor burning of residential yard debris, as well as a restriction from driving cars and trucks off of county roads. 

The gun shooting practices of using exploding targets and incendiary ammunition are also prohibited. 

FitzSimmons says residents are eager to have some of the Stage 1 restrictions relaxed. 

"I am getting phone calls every day from people asking if they can burn their yard debris outdoors, and it’s just not time for that yet," FitzSimmons said. "We need people to be patient. It's coming, it's not time yet." 

The county’s Mountain and Valley zones also will remain at a high fire hazard level. 

“With the extension of the ban on outdoor burning for at least another week, we are asking people to have a little patience,” said Fire Marshall Rinaldi. “Rains are forecast for the upcoming weekend, and we hope a change in weather gives us a little relief soon from the fire-prone conditions.” 

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