It was 'Chief for a Day' down at Memorial Park in Wenatchee Thursday afternoon as the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival kicked off.

Wenatchee Police Chief Steve Crown said that even though the heads of several local and state departments were a little rusty, having not held the event since before COVID, it was a joy to brighten the day of so many brave kids who are facing health challenges.

"It's an incredible opportunity for this whole community to kind of get behind these kids and make some memorable moments for them." Crown said, "You can set aside the police gig for just a little bit and really celebrate these kids."

Each young chief wore a uniform, received a badge, and was formally sworn in.

Washington State Patrol Chief John Batiste said that not only is the event a way get behind the young chiefs but it's a good recruitment tool as well.

"You've got kids sitting out in the audience." Batiste said, "If any of those kids have an aspiration to grow up and become a member of this law enforcement family, we're in desperate need of their service."

Batiste served in the Wenatchee area in the early 1990's before eventually becoming the top trooper.

The Chiefs for a Day are as follows:

  • Chief Bryan Delarosa - Wenatchee Police Department
  • Sheriff Carlos Bravo Villegas - Chelan County Sheriff's Office
  • Chief Shaun Hunt - WA State Fish & Wildlife Department
  • Chief Edgar Hernandez - East Wenatchee Police Department
  • Sheriff Yamileth Robles-Medina - Douglas County Sheriff's Office
  • Chief Jordy Gonzalez-Perez - Washington State Patrol
  • Chief Mikayla Mitchell - Chelan County Fire
  • Chief Amelia Nova - Douglas County Fire

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