The City of Cashmere is holding a public hearing on the proposed annexation of Christ Center and Spears properties on March 13.

Christ Center is located at 5800 Kimber Road, with approximately 20.55 acres within Chelan County.

The approximately 3.87-acre Spears property is owned by Marc Spears with Spears Properties LLC, located on 5800 Evergreen DR, cornering Kimber Road.

Cashmere Mayor Jim Fletcher says property owners behind Christ Center and Spears properties petitioned to be annexed into city limits in order to benefit from city services.

“[They] have an intent to do something different with their property and want to be able to do it under city zoning rules,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher also said that neighbors would have an opportunity to voice whether they support this annexation or not.

If accepted by the city, Chelan County Boundary Review Board would then decide whether they will approve the city’s decision to annex both properties.

This public hearing will be located at Cashmere City Hall at 101 Woodring St., on March 13, at 6 p.m.

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