Several road construction zone safety signs have gone missing in the Cashmere area.

Chelan County Public Works reports at least six sings bearing messages like "Loose Gravel" or "Motorcycles Use Extreme Caution" have either disappeared or been destroyed at the site of a chip sealing project from Ranch Road to Camas Creek Road over the past couple of days.

County spokesperson, Jill FitzSimmons, says the County does have a process for quickly replacing the signs.

"Public Works has its own sign shop. So when signs that are critical to public safety like a stop sign or something warning motorcyclists to use caution, we have the ability to make our own signs and we do replace them immediately because it's a public safety issue."

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FitzSimmons adds that it's unusual to see construction zone signs either get stolen or destroyed.

"This is unique. On occasion, it will pop up. We suspect that's only being done by one person or maybe a couple of people. Chelan County residents are typically very respectful of the job that we do and we're hoping because of that, they will be able to help us find who's doing this."

Residents who see any signs where they shouldn't be are being asked to pick them up and contact the County.

Anyone who witnesses signs being stolen or damaged, or who has information about the recent spate of missing signs is being urged to contact the Chelan County Sheriff's Office.

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