The Port of Chelan County is soliciting community funding of $400,000 to recruit a direct flight to San Francisco from Pangborn. Business Development Director Craig Larsen said adding another destination from Wenatchee would improve the quality of life, attract business, and that San Francisco is a great city to be connected because it's such a major hub.

"Basically we take local funding and pair it up with a federal grant and use that to share the risk of new service between the community, the federal government and the airline."

Larsen says they chose San Francisco because of the technology companies that are finding homes in Grant County, it's access to flights anywhere in the world and an existing demand.

Larsen noted it's critical to get community investment.

"It's not just about the money, it's about how many people and organizations are signed on as well because when the airlines see that, that shows broad-based community support, people are going to use the service that they are supporting. So we're looking for big pledges and small pledges."

Larsen said they'll take pledges from anyone who wants to give at least $500. Any unused funds will be given back after two years.

The two most likely airlines that would come are Alaska or United. Visit FlyWenatchee-dot-com for more information.

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