There'll likely be a lot of attention focused on Friday's voting update for Douglas County, given the razor tight status of the Eastmont bond election. 

The $117 million capital improvement needs to reach 60 percent approval to pass, and it's currently just short of that threshold at 59.42 percent. 

Douglas County Auditor Thad Duvall says it's impossible to predict what the outcome will be with the 800 ballots left to be counted. 

"Those particular ballots that we have in that 800 include Waterville and Bridgeport, Mansfield and Orondo and all the others," said Duvall. "And I don't know how many are from Eastmont, so there's really no way to calculate that." 

Eastmont voters rejected a much larger $177 million bond package in 2022. 

Duvall says there's a chance the outcome of the vote may still be up in the air after Friday. 

"We always hold back a group of 25 or 50 ballots in case we get some trailing ballots from the military, or others that come in just before we certify, and then we'll count those right at the end," Duvall said. "So, if this is really, really, really close, we might not know until we certify on the following Friday." 

All election statewide from Tuesday’s special election are required to be certified by Friday, Feb. 23. 

The current measure would fund renovations and expansions at Lee, Cascade, Kenroy and Rock Island elementary school buildings. 

The design of Cascade and Kenroy schools presents security dangers with separate buildings and exterior doors.  Portable classrooms are also a security concern, and many are at or past their usable time span.  Berg points out there are a combined 162 exterior doors at Lee, Cascade and Kenroy elementary buildings. 

The bond would allow for safer drop-off and student pick-up areas and renovations will better accommodate technology upgrades for student learning after voters rejected a larger bond for the district in 2022.

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