DNR continued its annual prepositioning of additional aircraft, equipment and firefighters across Washington state in anticipation of wildfire season, despite current light fire activity.

Although Eastern Washington has experienced a cooler and wetter spring than typically seen, the outlook for July indicates a persistent drought for the entire area. Thomas  Kyle-Milward of DNR says as part of DNR's enhanced preparedness efforts, additional firefighters will be brought in. "We are also expanding our growth footprint. In the next 12 to 18 months we're planning on bringing in over 100 more fire fighters- We also have more hand crews now.".

Predictive services indicate above normal fire potential in July for the central part of the state. Kyle-Milward says July is typically hot and dry in Eastern Washington. "We are expecting a dramatic temperature shift as we move towards July," he said. "The honey-moon  period is rapidly coming to a close."

DNR advises the public that people burning debris, recreation and ceremonial events are the biggest causes of human-ignited fires for DNR.



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