A halfway house in East Wenatchee is appealing its notice of code violation.

East Wenatchee Hearing Examiner Andrew Kottkamp heard presentations from both the city and a representative of the home Wednesday.

The city has cited Midpoint Place for having rooms for rent in a single-family residence.

Connie Lamkin is the executive director of Midpoint Place, and she says the city incorrectly quoted her as saying the house is a "pay per bed" rental operation.

"I did not say that we're a pay-per-bed rental" said Lamkin. "I don't care what anybody says. I've never even heard that term."

According to the city code, a pay-per-rental qualifies as lodging.

Lamkim says Midpoint Place is a transitional housing program that charges fees, but not rent. The fees can come from the Department of Corrections, the Earned Release Date Housing Voucher Program or the residents staying at the facility. Lamkin admitted the the agencies that supply funding for Midpoints Place do referto it as "rental."

East Wenatchee Community Development Director Curtis Liliquist says his predecessor, Lori Barnett, issued the notice of code violation.

"That notice determined that the single-family dwelling located at 208 S Houston was being used as a per-bed rental operation, with five rooms available for tenants, and one room reserved for an onsite manager," said Liliquist.

Linquist did say Midpoint Place would not be in code violation if it was located in a high density residential zoned area in East Wenatchee.

Lamkin said that if Midpoint Place is in code violation, then the two Oxford Houses in East Wenatche would also be in violation. Oxford Houses offer housing for people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Hearing Examiner Andrew Kottkamp will issue a decision in the case in the next 10 days.

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