A Soap Lake man is charged with first degree assault in connection with a shooting Monday between Ephrata and Soap Lake.

Kyle Foreman with the Grant County Sheriff's Office says the suspect, driving a Volkswagen Beetle on Highway 28, pulled up alongside another vehicle.

"After the Volkswagen went past the victim's vehicle, the driver of the Volkswagen fired one round out of the window of the Volkswagen."

Foreman says the bullet struck the other vehicle but did not hit the driver. No one was hurt.

Dispatchers sent out a call to deputies in the surrounding areas to watch out for the suspect.

"A sergeant made a traffic stop in the 0 block of Alder Street NW where Kolton Dana was detained pending the investigation." Foreman said.

Foreman says 30-year-old Kolton Dana is known to police and that his charge of first-degree assault could carry a harsher penalty than attempted murder.

Dana made headlines across the state between 2013 and 2015 for a string of arsons in Soap Lake, Moses Lake and Ephrata.

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