Disclaimer: The ballots are still being counted, these results are current as of Nov. 9, 2022.

Here are some of the preliminary results for the 2022 General Election as of Tuesday night.

Statewide and Congressional results

Senator Patty Murray has regained her seat against candidate Tiffany Smiley with a 57 percent majority. 

Most of her support came from the west side of Washington, while Tiffany Smiley won the majority vote in Chelan, Douglas, Grant and Okanogan Counties.

Congresswoman Kim Schrier has a slightly more narrow lead against opponent Matt Larkin, with close to 53 percent of the votes.

Schrier won with support from King County, while Larkin gained the majority vote in Snohomish, Chelan, Douglas, Kittitas, and Pierce counties.

For the Secretary of State election, Steve Hobbs currently has the advantage against opponent Julie Anderson.

Hobbs has support mainly from the west side of Washington, while Julie Anderson leads in North Central and Northeastern counties

Congressman Dan Newhouse's run for his seat is looking optimistic as he currently retains about 67 percent of the votes against his opponent Doug White.

State and Congressional Election results can be found here.

Chelan County:

Chelan County Commissioner District 2 candidates Anne Hessburg and Shon Smith are neck in neck in getting the majority vote.

Smith is leading Hessburg by less than one percent, at nearly 51 percent.

The Chelan County Clerk race between Sandra Arechiga and Marty Young is also tight, with Young having nearly two percentage points over Arechiga.

Candidate Mike Morrison is dominating in the Chelan County Sheriff race against incumbent candidate Brian Burnett.

Morrison leads against Burnett with a 54 percent majority.

In the Chelan County District Court Judge election, Jon Volyn has an approximately 53 percent advantage against competitor Allen Blackmon.

For the Chelan County PUD Commissioner District #3 seat, Carnan Bergren is dominating against candidate Aurora Flores, earning 55 percent of the votes.

Chelan County Election results can be found here.

Douglas County:

The Eastmont School District’s $185 million Bond has nearly 51 percent of the vote, which is nine percentage points off from being accepted.

The bond would go towards constructing, rebuilding, and upgrading classrooms along with building a new maintenance facility for the Eastmont School District.

Normally levies only need over 50 percent of the vote, however this bond requires a 60 percent majority of the vote in order to move forward. 

The rate would move to $3.93 in 2023, $3.97 in 2024 and $4.09 in 2024. 

For the Douglas County PUD Commissioner No. #3 seat, Aaron Viebrock has a considerable lead against his opponent Randy Agnew, with a near hulking 70 percent of the vote.

Douglas County Election results can be found here.

Grant County:

The Grant County Commissioner District #3 race has a clear victor, with Cindy Carter receiving about 61 percent of the vote, while candidate Jeff Foster has up to 39 percent.

For Grant County Sheriff, Joey Kriete has less than 59 percent of the votes versus his opponent Joe Harris.

Grant County Superior Court Judge candidate Anna Gigliotti has a small advantage against candidate Melissa Chlarson, earning nearly 54 percent of the vote.

Grant County Election results can be found here.

Okanogan County:

Okanogan County Election results can be found here.

Stay tuned for the final results!

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