The six companies that will compete for up to $200,000 in investment during the annual Flywhee Investment Conference next month have been named.

According to a press release from the NCW Tech Alliance, they received 50 applications which were whittled down to two Wenatchee-based finalists, two from Seattle, one from Kirkland and one from Spokane.

The Flywheel Conference will be streamed online on Thursday, May 20 from 12-3:30 PM allowing for public attendance to tune in from anywhere in the world.

Here are the six finalists:

Cognition Med, Dr. Gautam Nayak, CEO; Wenatchee

Coltrain is a mobile clinical collaboration application for medical providers empowering patient-centered care with any colleague in any system at any time. Coltrain takes us from a pager to a curated clinical experience, focused on improving the lives of patients and their providers. Join them as they reimagine care collaboration and how care is delivered across the country.

Fuchsia Inc., Afshan Abbas, CEO; Kirkland

Fuchsia makes beautifully handcrafted artisan shoes that are comfortable and sustainable while changing the lives of marginalized communities in South Asia. They are revolutionizing the traditional non-athletic footwear industry ($33B market opportunity in the US) with sustainably produced and functional footwear. The company is producing on demand shoes incorporating social and eco-consciousness practices in their innovative supply chain and is experiencing a 4x YoY Growth.

Iasis Molecular Sciences, David J. Vachon, CEO; Spokane

Iasis Molecular Sciences is an advanced materials company developing and commercializing materials science-based solutions to prevent the transmission of infectious pathogens from surfaces. Their advanced materials solutions are broadly applicable across different industries and products. Their primary product development focus targets disposable urological medical devices; a product group where healthcare-associated infections are prevalent, expensive, and deadly.

Motis, Rick Beaton, CEO; Seattle

Motis Grow is a cloud-based application that reimagines and personalizes the employee development and performance management experience and creates a high performance business culture. Designed for the new hybrid/remote context, Grow empowers managers to understand, develop and upskill every employee in the organization from C-Suite to new hire.

PetHub, Tom Arnold, CEO; Wenatchee

PetHub is a data platform that puts your pet at the center for all aspects of their life from the time they’ve joined your family. Their mission is to make it quick, easy and safe to find and use your pet’s data. Today, PetHub has 700-800 new pets joining the site daily and over 600 communities using PetHub’s ID tags as their license or rabies tag.

SyncFloor, Kirt Debique, CEO; Seattle

SyncFloor enables businesses of all kinds, including websites, services and apps, to “use music everywhere,” by aggregating content from the world’s best independent catalogs and creating a streamlined discovery and licensing experience via their proprietary technology and platform. SyncFloor currently offers two online marketplaces for music discovery and are actively building out their platform capabilities so that businesses can integrate SyncFloor’s discovery and licensing experience directly into their website, app or service.

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