The NCW Tech Alliance is celebrating the 20th Annual Innovator Awards Luncheon by honoring three previous recipients with the Legacy Innovator Awards.

Executive Director Jenny Rojanasthien says the board used the notable anniversary to review previous winners to bestow a special honor.

"They really wanted to honor and recognize that continued innovation in our three primary areas which are technology, entrepreneurship and STEM education because each of these three honorees had incredible accomplishments which first them got them the award but they've continued to be innovators and leaders."

The honorees, Stemilt Growers, Andrew Metcalfe, and Doug Merrill, will be celebrated September 29th.

Rojanasthien says they're using the notable anniversary to create this new award to celebrate with the five other winners honored that night.

"In the past the Tech Alliance Board has issued Lifetime Achievement Awards. There have been about seven throughout the course of the Innovator Awards. The last recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award was Mike and JoAnn Walker in 2014."

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