The NCW Tech Alliance is partnering with Thriving Together NCW, and the NCW Digital Access and Equity Coalition to make September Digital Equity Month in North Central Washington.

The occasion is designed to offer equipment, resources, and training to people who are a part of what's known as the "digital divide" - or those who don't have the opportunities to utilize and experience technology that most have access to.

"So when you think about the digital divide, you're talking about people who aren't afforded what technology can do for them because they have limited access to it for one reason or another," explains Summer Hess, Digital Equity Coordinator for NCW Tech Alliance. "So you think about people who don't know how to do things like set up a tele-health appointment or have access to educational opportunities online. So we see this as a real win to be able to get more people connected online and get them the devices they need to connect and get more people aware of the resources that are out there."

There are numerous events that are a part of Digital Equity Month, including tech help classes that will train people how to do basic tasks like establishing an email account and using a web browser.

Hess says there are several demographics who are particularly affected by the digital divide.

"People who are experiencing poverty are often the most affected by the digital divide. People who don't speak English as a first language at home are also particularly affected, along with seniors in our community. They often have a hard time accessing services if they don't have digital fluency."

Support resources will be offered for participants in English, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian, along with other languages.

For a complete list of Digital Equity Month events, click here.

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