As you take care of yourself and look after your neighbors during this week’s scorching weather, remember to give extra attention to your pets too.

Taylor Sharp, executive director of the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society, says water is one of the first things to be mindful of.

“It (water) gets really hot when put out in the sun, so be sure it’s left in the shade. Or consider giving some frozen water if your pet has to be outside.”

Keeping your pet inside is best, but if they must be outdoors, make certain they have access to plenty of shade.

Sharp adds to ease up on your pet’s physical activity as well.

“If they need to go for a walk, make sure you’re doing it when it’s cooled down. The sidewalks can get incredibly hot and can burn their feet. They also can’t tell you when they’re feeling too hot, so it’s our responsibility to stay aware and watch them.”

It’s also highly recommended to leave your pet at home during the extreme heat, but if they do go with you, never leave them in the car – even for only a few minutes. A car's interior can heat up to lethal temperatures for an animal in a matter of minutes during a heat wave.

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