There are active fires in North Central Washington, and the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society is offering assistance for pet owners affected by the fires.

The shelter is providing free emergency pet boarding for people who get a Level 3 evacuation notice during a wildfire.

Humane Society Executive Director Taylor Sharp says they're extending the option as a public service.

"We want to make sure that everyone feels safe, and that staying with their pet isn't a reason that they stay in a dangerous zone." said Sharp.

The Humane Society is advising people to call ahead to make sure the shelter has space for their pet, even if that means calling on the way.

The shelter also recommends pet owners stock up on supplies to make evacuation kits in case of emergencies.

"We also encourage people to have a go-bag for your pet, just as you would have for yourself," Sharp said.

The Humane Society is partnering with local pet supply retailers Firehouse, Earthwise, Petco and Pet Smart to ensure pet owners have quick access to supplies.

The Chelan County Sheriff's office currently has a Level 3 Evacuation notice in place for Sears Creek Road, which is being threatened by the White River and Irving Peak fires that are burning nearly 1,000 acres about 15 miles northwest of Plain.

For information on fire related services being offered by the Humane Society, call (509) 662-9577 or go to

The shelter offers a free pet food pantry on the last Saturday of each month. Pet owners who need pet food before the pantry date can reach out for assistance.

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