The Foundation of Rhythm: Drum Kit and Bass 

Any good song needs to have a good rhythm, and the core elements of the rhythm section are the drum kit and bass. For me, it's the driving bass that provides the basic pulse and groove of a song. Think of James Jamerson, the godfather of the rhythm sound for Motown, as he was set as the house bassist. Now that music continues to evolve and change, listen to how FLEA integrated his iconic sound into The Red-Hot Chili Peppers. 

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The Birth of the Electric Bass Guitar 

Music would not be the same without the invention of the electric bass guitar. I want you to have this little bit of trivia knowledge for your next game night. Although credit often goes to Leo Fender for the invention of the bass, it was actually invented here in Seattle WA by Paul Tutmarc in 1936, 16 years before Fender released his first idea. The original Solid body bass guitar was known as The Audiovox 736 Bass Fiddle and was made from walnut. It was distributed by the L.D. Heater Music, Co. of Portland, Oregon and was the first bass that could be held and played horizontally. 


The Rise of the Electric Bass  

As you can see historically, the electric bass never really got too popular with musicians until the later generations of the Fender bass in the early 50s. I, for one, think it's pretty cool knowing that my favorite sound in Rock n Roll was created right here in Washington. 

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