A 33-year-old man has injuries after being shot in the foot during what police describe as a "love triangle" confrontation. 

Officers say the man went to a residence in the 1000 block of Dolfay Lane in East Wenatchee Wednesday night to see his on-and-off girlfriend when another man arrived. 

East Wenatchee Police Sgt. Karsten Garcia says the two men got into an altercation before the other man got into his car. 

"The victim then followed, opened the passenger door and got into the car and began to assault the suspect, who through that altercation ended up shooting him in the foot," said Garcia. 

The man has non-life-threatening injuries. 

Police says they're looking for the shooter and the woman who left the scene before officers arrived.   

Sgt. Karsten says the only account of events they have is from the wounded man, who told them he was at the door of the residence waiting for his girlfriend to open the door when the suspect arrived and started yelling at the woman from outside. The man says that’s when he got into a verbal fight with the suspect before following the suspect back to his vehicle, where the shooting took place. 

Karsten says the wounded man and the woman are well known to police, having had interactions with both of them in the past. The suspect is not known to them. 

Sgt. Karsten said officers are investigating further before determining who will face charges in the incident. 

The shooting took place before 10:30 pm Wednesday. 

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