Vote updates were released Friday night by the Chelan and Douglas County auditors and both have counted nearly every one of their ballots though most of the races experienced little change.

Both counties had record numbers of ballots returned.

Chelan County Auditor Skip Moore says they are thankful a lot of ballots were returned early to allow time for signature verification.

"If I had you sign your name 10 times in a row, none of them would be identical. What would be similar is the spacing, the slant to how you do it, the flow of the signature, how high above the line you do it, the height of the characters. All those things come into play and that's what you're looking for."

It looks like both counties will have a large turnout, but fall short of the goal of 90% returns.

Douglas County Auditor Thad Duvall says they have had observers looking over the process and will likely have more if any ballot goes to the canvassing board.

"We like it when people come to observe and we can explain the process and exactly how it works. Having people see how it works can go out into the community and say I've watched the process. I know how it works and it's working well in Washington State."

The vote will be certified Tuesday, November 24th.

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