Ballots for next month’s primary election have been mailed and should be arriving to most registered voters in both Chelan and Douglas Counties by Thursday or Friday of this week.

Once delivered, Douglas County Auditor, Thad Duvall, says it might appear to some that they’ve received the wrong ballot due to last year’s actions by the state’s redistricting committee.

“Most of the people in Douglas County have been represented by the 12th Legislative District, so when people get their ballots they’re going to be looking for Brad Hawkins, Keith Goehner, (and) Mike Steele,” explained Duvall. “But most of Douglas County will now have the legislators that are currently running in the 7th Legislative District (on its ballots).”

Despite the expansive change in geographical boundaries, Duvall says the county’s largest city will remain mostly status quo.

“A good chunk of the city of East Wenatchee, including the Canyon Hills area, will still be in the 12th District.”

Washington’s primary election takes place on August 2nd.

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