Two travel trailers and one home in Orondo are a total loss after a Two Alarm Fire Sunday afternoon that occurred while the No. 2 Canyon Fire was in progress. 

The fire left a fourth dwelling with outside damage and smoke in the interior of the house.  

There were no human injuries, however two rescue cats are feared lost in the fire.  

The fire was reported just after 5 pm Sunday in the Sun Cove Community of Orondo. 

Residents of one of the burning trailers smelled smoke and found fire burning under their permanently installed travel trailer, according to the Sun Cove Community.  

The fire was driven by 30 mile per hour winds, and quickly spread to a shed, fence and then a neighboring travel trailer and home.  

The first crews arrived on the scene within seven minutes and found the travel trailers and home fulling engulfed in flames with a fourth residence on fire with a hedgerow of arborvitaes burning as well as a vinyl fence and the outside of the dwelling.  

The first arriving engines knocked the fire down on the fourth dwelling and then concentrated on the initial location.  

The Orondo Firefighters Association noted the three-alarm brushfire was burning in the Wenatchee foothills at the same time as well as a motor home fire in Chelan.  

The Association said a mutual aid agreement between all fire departments in Chelan and Douglas Counties ensured there was adequate staffing for all the fires.  

There were 18 first responders on the scene of the Orondo fire, coming from Orondo Fire, Chelan Fire 7, Douglas County Sheriff and LCH EMS.  

The Firefighters Association said several units from other fire departments were cancelled once the fire was brought under control in order for them to handle the other fires.  

In addition, the Association mentioned the community of Sun Cove installed a water tank and fire hydrants several years ago.  

It said the hydrants provided a water supply adequate for the firefighters to stop the spread of fire that in high wind conditions could have spread to dozens of houses.  

The Firefighters Association is advising homeowners and communities to install fire hydrants and water supply to aid firefighting and reduce insurance rates. 


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