Wenatchee Valley’s Pangborn Memorial Airport is benefitting from a nearly $8.5 million federal investment in 2023, according to Washington U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell.

Her office says Pangborn was one of 37 airports across the state to get more than $190 million this year to improve runways, maintenance areas and equipment.

The money is being used at Pangborn to reconstruct its taxiway and extend it, as well as build an access road and install perimeter fencing.

Pangborn Airport has received $8,437,515, roughly 45 percent of the $18,890,647 earmarked for Central Washington airports through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law passed by Congress in 2021 and the Airport Improvement Program.

Here's how its broken down:

  • Reconstruct Taxiway / Reconstruct Taxiway Lighting / Reconstruct Airfield Guidance Signs (Airport Improvement Grant): $6,354,214
  • Construct Access Road/Construct Service Road; Extend Taxiway; Install Perimeter Fencing (Airport Infrastructure Grant): $2,083,301

Pangborn Airport received almost double the amount carved out for improvements at the Tri-Cities Airport ($4,400,000), which is the third largest airport in the state.

Meanwhile, nearly half a million dollars ($464,285) also being spend to make improvements at Lake Chelan Airport.

Here's how it's broken down:

  • Seal Apron Pavement Surface/Pavement Joints, Seal Taxiway Pavement Surface/Pavement Joints (Airport Infrastructure Grant): $304,000
  • Seal Taxiway Pavement Surface/Pavement Joints. Seal Taxiway Pavement Surface/Pavement Joints; Seal Apron Pavement Surface/Pavement Joints (Airport Improvement Grant): $160,285

The money for all the projects in the state came from the Federal Aviation Administration's three primary airport grant programs: Airport Infrastructure Grants, Airport Terminal Program, which are funded through the BIL, and the Airport Improvement Program.

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