If you have ever been interested in becoming a foster parent, but felt you couldn't, Pybus University will be putting on a presentation designed to bust myths around becoming a foster parent. Presenter Hayley Stoebner said there is a great need for foster homes.

"Some parts of the state right now are experiencing such a shortage of homes that children as young as two years old have had to stay in a hotel room overnight because they had nowhere the child could go."

Stoebner says there are a lot of myths, a couple of the most common are, "I'm single, so obviously I wouldn't be able to be a foster parent. Well, that's not true, that's a myth. Single people can foster. Or I have to own my home. I rent right now so I wouldn't probably be able to foster and that's another myth.

The workshop will include a presentation, but also Q&As, and discussions on what it means to be a foster parent and how anyone can become one. Pybus University offers a variety of classes designed to provide learning opportunities and begin at 7:00 p.m. at Pybus Public Market. To register, visit PybusPublicMarket.org.

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