The ongoing process to find a new Superintendent for the Wenatchee School District is entering a new phase. 

The job is now posted with the district, and recently hired consulting firm McPherson & Jacobson plans to start advertising the opening soon. 

Wenatchee Schools' spokesperson Diana Haglund says the district is also trying to spark public interest. 

"We're looking forward to beginning to engage the public more in that process," said Haglund. "As a matter of fact, that's something that we'll be sharing more information out about, probably in the next week or so, about ways that stakeholders can get involved in the superintendent search process." 

The application process is now moving forward. 

Haglund says interest among superintendent candidates should really take off in about a month. 

"Typically, the best time, as we understand it from the consultants, for people to apply for that job is usually during winter break when active superintendents have a moment to catch their breath, and then start thinking about maybe what they want to do next," Haglund said. 

The application process for the new superintendent is projected to close by mid-January. 

Haglund thinks district staff and the school board will get a sense of who the finalists for the position by February. 

The process will then move to the formal interview phase, with a select group visiting the district for in person interviews. 

Consultants McPherson & Jacobson will likely formulate a timeline for the process. 

Wenatchee Schools' plans to have a new superintendent hired by next April, with that person in place by July 1st.  

Haglund has high praise for the interim superintendent. 

Bill Eagle is a former Wenatchee teacher, who is Associate Director of Student Success and Learning with the North Central Educational Services District. 

He agreed to a one-year contract to serve as Wenatchee superintendent until June 30, 2023. 

“Our staff is feeling very confident and has a lot of trust in Bill,” Haglund said. “That’s been a really great thing as we navigate some somewhat tumultuous times.” 

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