The man accused of staging an 18-hour standoff with a SWAT Team south of Plain this week now has a bail of $250,000.

Officers say 47-year-old Abel Wilkes barricaded himself when they arrived on scene at his trailer in response to a call for an unruly person firing shots.

They say Wilkes landlord, who lives in an adjacent home, called in a complaint after Wilkes reportedly pointed a rifle at him.

Wilkes made his first appearance Thursday in Chelan County Superior Court, where he refused to sign several documents and asked to select a different defense attorney.

His court appointed attorney told Superior Court Commissioner Tracy Brandt, who was presiding over the proceedings, that Wilkes would not work with him because he wasn’t sure who was going to represent him.

Prosecutors noted Wilkes has no previous felony convictions and one case with warrants. They have until Monday at 5pm to bring formal charges, or Wilkes will be released.

Wilkes finally surrendered to SWAT team officers before 5am Wednesday after the SWAT team arrived on scene at 10:30am the previous day.

During the standoff, an Wenatchee Police member of the SWAT Team fired a shot. He's currently on administrative leave as an investigation has been launched into his actions. Officers also say there's evidence Wilkes also fired a shot. No one was injured.

A two mile stretch of Chumstick Hwy. was closed for around 18 hours surrounding the residence at 16575 Chumstick Hwy. during the standoff.

Wilkes' landlord is a 71-year-old man who was storing several guns at the trailer where Wilkes lived on the side of the lot where the landlord's home sits.

Court records show deputies were called to same address at least three times in the past year on complaints of loud music and shots being fired.

Two of the calls came from the landlord, who this week described Wilkes’ behavior as increasingly concerning and unreasonable. One deputy familiar with Wilkes believes he suffers from mental health illness.

The landlord says he had not been charging Wilkes rent and considered him a "caretaker" of the property.

Deputies currently accuse Wilkes of Assault in the Second Degree.


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