Residents in Twisp have a bad taste in their mouth after a mishap involving the town's water system occurred yesterday (Thursday, Oct. 26).

The problem arose after too much chlorine was used during a single-phase disinfection of the system the town had scheduled with a water consultant.

The overapplication led to many residents reporting a foul odor and/or taste in the town's water.

The Twisp Public Works Department addressed the issue by flushing the water system and says they have been regularly monitoring it since the over-chlorination occurred. They are currently reporting acceptable levels of the chemical element.

Residents of the town have been advised to flush their home's water system by letting all of the faucets and spigots in and around them run until the smell has dissipated.

Public works officials said they expected any traces of the chlorinated odor and taste to be gone by today (Friday, Oct. 27).

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