The Washington State Apple Blossom Festival announced the Top 10 Candidates who will compete for the 2024 Royal Court next month in Wenatchee.

Over two dozen High school seniors in the Wenatchee and Eastmont School Districts were judged over two days by five out of town judges about their backgrounds,post graduation plans and various other topics.  The 26 candidates also delivered a Top 10 speech which accounted for 80% of the judges scores..

On Tuesday, January 9th, the Apple Blossom Festival Top 10 Royalty Candidates were announced at the Numerica PAC

The Top 10 Candidates (in no particular order)

  • Dania Cuevas Sandoval, daughter of Jose Luis and María Adriana Cuevas (W)
  • Samantha Dodd, daughter of Greg and Karen Dodd (E)
  • Lexie Fennell, daughter of Dave and Heather Fennell (E)
  • Betsy Gomez-Aviles, daughter of Alberto Gomez and Celina Aviles (W)
  • Esty Gonzalez, daughter of Juan and Cristina Gonzalez (E)
  • Jenissa Hepton, daughter of Tiffany Gardner, and Jeff and Heather Hepton (W)
  • Laurel Patterson, daughter of Libby Hickman and Carl Patterson (E)
  • Catelyn Shearer, daughter of Jim and Christy Shearer (W)
  • Ella Stimmel, daughter of Taylor and Leah Stimmel (E)
  • Ava Porter, daughter of Kristy Allen, and Sean and Shelby Porter (W)

The Top 10 candidates will compete in the Cashmere Bank Royalty Selection Pageant slated for February 10th, 2024 at  the Numerica PAC

Tickets go on sale soon

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