The City of Wenatchee is purchasing three parcels of land in the Saddle Rock area from Wenatchee Mining Partners after the city council unanimously approved the move Thursday night.

Capital Project Manager Charlotte Mitchell said the city needed to buy one of the parcels because a small part of the Saddle Rock Trail was on the land.

The Chelan Douglas Land Trust then requested the city purchase two more nearby parcels, also owned by Wenatchee Mining Partners.

"The deal would be ($185,440) for all three parcels." explained Mitchell, "The land trust will then turn around and give us ($44,390) for two of the parcels."

In total, the three parcels are 122.3 acres. Chelan Douglas Land Trust will receive 87.3 of those acres through the two parcels it's purchasing.

The city needed the first parcel in order to complete its project to remove toxic mining waste from the area.

The title to the land reportedly has several problems, so the city will likely need to fix things through a court process.

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