New Real Estate numbers show the median price of a home in Wenatchee is $500,000, a spike of 15 percent from a year ago, but roughly flat from a month ago.

Total home sales are up slightly from a year ago as well as the last month (97-August 2022, 93-July 2022, 94-Augisr 2021).

But sellers are hitting the market, as there are nearly triple the number active homes listings in the last month compared to a year ago (170 vs 62).

Sellers are getting 99 percent of their asking price in the last month, compared to 100 percent the previous month and 102 percent from a year ago.

Homes are also spending a longer time period on the market, averaging 67 days in the last month, compared to 57 days in the previous month and 56 a year ago.

The Wenatchee market includes Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Malaga, Orondo and Rock Island.

The most recent numbers show the average price of a home in Leavenworth is $751,000 and $502,500 in Cashmere.

The figures are compiled by Pacific Appraisal Associates in Wenatchee.

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