Wenatchee Police Officers apprehended a man Friday evening, who is suspected of illegally possessing a firearm and eluding police twice this year.

Police started pursuing suspect 39-year-old Justin Graham after it was confirmed that he fled from police by motorcycle twice, refusing to stop after minor traffic violations.

Sergeant Cory Bernaiche said his team was able to identify Graham through surveillance footage of a local gas station.

On July 22, officers were able to apprehend Graham after obtaining a search warrant for Graham's shed in Malaga, where he was staying with his girlfriend.

Authorities seized two firearms, 122 grams of meth, 40 fentanyl pills, $412 in cash, and a motorcycle during this investigation.

In their Facebook post, the Wenatchee Police Department referenced how current legislation restricts vehicle pursuits but were still able to do their jobs.

Bernaiche feels that suspects are feeling emboldened to flee from police.

“I think these guys are being emboldened by that and it's easy for them to run because we cannot pursue them,” Bernaiche said. “But we're going to investigate those as far as we can to identify who they are and still hold them accountable for trying to flee from law enforcement.”

Wenatchee police, along with Chelan County Sheriff’s Office and  Columbia River Drug Task force were able to bring Graham into custody.

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