The Wenatchee School District has a new logo.

The brand was unveiled at the district’s staff opening day this week.

Spokesperson, Diana Haglund, says the change has been a long time coming.

“It’s been over two decades since the district has refreshed its look and feel,” explained Haglund. “Our brand is really based on the premise of limitless student potential and reflects the diversity of not only our students, but our community, as well as our lands.”

The new logo features a stylized “W” with multi-colored ribbons anchored by two diagonal lines in the district’s traditional purple hue.

Haglund says the new logo can already be seen in many places around the district.

“We have started with the transition of our signage at the district office. So when people come to our building they’ll see a newly-branded sign, as well as new vinyl on our windows, and our boardroom also reflects the new brand with new signage.”

It will take several months for the district to completely phase in the new logo.

The brand is part of the district’s new strategic plan, which was adopted in 2021.

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