Wenatchee Valley College is holding a Voter Registration Drive on Monday - MLK Day. 

The WVC Center for Excellence and Inclusive Belonging is staging the drive to honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. 

WVC Executive Director of Climate, Culture, Diversity, and Belonging Joe Eubanks says MLK stood up for fundamental voting rights.  

"(There's) no greater way to honor his legacy than to really make sure that anyone who is or isn't registered to vote, to make sure that they are registered," said Eubanks. "And then to promote things like civil engagement as well as inclusivity and assuring that every eligible person can exercise their right to vote." 

The drive will take place on campus at Wells Hall Theater, where volunteers will guide and assist participants through the voter registration process. 

There’s also be information booths offering comprehensive resources on voting procedures and community partner programs. 

In addition, there’ll be a youth engagement area aimed at enlightening and motivating the future electorate.  

A release from the college says the day is meant to empower the Wenatchee and East Wenatchee communities by promoting civic engagement and inclusivity as well as the exercise of fundamental voting rights. 

Eubanks says he has experience with voting drives on MLK Day.  

"It was something I had done previously," Eubanks said. "I'm originally from the great city of New Orleans. We do things a lot like that down in New Orleans, and I thought it would be something to do here in Wenatchee." 

WVC is staging the Voter Registration Drive from 9am-4pm Monday. 

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