For pet owners, it is a terrifying experience if their furbaby goes missing. The Wenatchee Valley Humane Society says licensing and registering your pet is a good way to ensure your pet's safety if they get lost.

Katelynn English, Communication and Administration Coordinator for the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society, says that licensing your pet is a good way to minimize that worry. "Pet licensing is required by law, and it also helps stray pets reunite with their families quicker."

English says that licensing your pet is quick, easy, and inexpensive. "We are encouraging everyone to make sure their pets are licensed. You can go to our website at There's a link to license your pet there." Local city and county ordinances do require that all cats and dogs be vaccinated against rabies when purchasing pet licenses.

Pet owners can license their animals in person, by phone, or by mail, and discounts are available for disabled or senior citizens.

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