There are less than two months until the start of the Wenatchee Valley Symphony Orchestra's season which is set for October 3rd.

Managing Director Ron Bermingham says they are set for that day, and while the Numerica Performing Arts Center won't be able to have a crowd, they've been given permission to practice and perform there and stream the performance to patrons and ticket holders.

"We'll probably continue to stream throughout the season. As soon as things open up, we'll be able to gradually people back into the PAC to actually attend the concerts live."

They have also made choices on music and a stage set up that will allow for physical distancing between the musicians.

They are also doing their annual Crescendo campaign in which Bermingham says no donation is too small.

"It pays our bills. It pays the rent for our office. It pays the musicians. It pays our conductor. This particular fund is an unrestricted fund, so the money just goes into symphony operations for the upcoming season."

You can find out more about the various concerts that will take place, and donate to the fund at

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