The annual remembrance ceremony at the 9/11 Spirit of America Memorial in Cashmere will take place on Sunday.

Doug Jones, president of the 9/11 Spirit of America Memorial Foundation, says this year’s event will place a special emphasis on first responders.

“We really want to focus this year on honoring the first responders, including EMS, firefighters, and law enforcement. And we want to do that by not only focusing on those who died in 9/11 but also by recognizing the first responders who are out there protecting us today.”

The proceedings will include a special awards presentation to honor the region’s first responders and their various agencies.

In addition, Jones says this year’s ceremonies will mirror a part of the annual 9/11 remembrance activities at Ground Zero in New York.

“There were 343 firefighters, 60 law enforcement officers, and 15 EMTs that died on 9/11. So what we’re doing this year – similar to what you’ve seen in New York – is we’re going to read those names. Local law enforcement officers and firefighters will read the names, and after each one we’ll be ringing an honorary bell.”

The name reading ceremony will replace the event’s usual key note address.

This Sunday’s remembrance starts at 11:00 a.m. and is scheduled to conclude at 12:30 p.m.

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