Authorities are currently searching for the suspect who beat and robbed her friend on July 20, on the Old Riverside Highway in Omak. 

Around midnight, 33-year-old Sabrina Oldham was found beating on someone’s door injured and bloody after 24-year-old Morningstar St. Peter had assaulted her in Oldham’s truck.

Oldham said that St. Peter accused her of being a “snitch,” and attacked her with no forewarning.

St. Peter continued to beat her after stealing her phone and purse.

There were multiple bystanders who stood by and did nothing while Oldham cried for help.

Eventually Oldham escaped and called for help. Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Justin Weigel later called Lifeline Ambulance and transported her to Mid Valley Hospital.

Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office will be charging St. Peter with Probable Cause for 1st Degree Robbery and 2nd Degree Assault.

Oldham and St. Peter were friends prior to this event. They are no longer friends.

Any information on the whereabouts of St. Peter should contact (509)-422-7232 opt. #4.

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