Chelan County Commissioners are requesting assistance from the U.S. Forest Service to relieve the strain on resources caused by the Enchantments.  

On July 24, commissioners wrote their concerns to U.S. Forest Service Supervisor Kristin Bail regarding the 19-mile hiking area near Leavenworth. 

Commissioners write that the mass popularity of the Enchantments is placing a strain on their local resources, referencing the increase in search and rescues operations within the past few years. 

In 2022, the Enchantments had 27 search and rescue calls, including four fatalities. Nine of those calls came from hikers who lacked basic hiking knowledge and were unprepared. 

“Efforts to educate people about the proper preparation and equipment needed to recreate in the Enchantments are not working; search-and-rescue calls to the Enchantments continue to rise,” commissioners wrote. 

Increased parking on the roads are also restricting road access for emergency vehicles, heavily limiting their ability to respond to emergencies. 

Commissioners are requesting the U.S. Forest Service to organize a group meeting with local first-responders to address these public safety concerns. 

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