Chelan County Coroner Wayne Harris is try to identify a man who was discovered dead in the Columbia River last July by providing the public with a couple of computerized renderings of what he could have looked like.

Harris said the victim, who died as a result of drowning, likely had his teeth pulled for dentures so dental identification wasn't possible. The body was also in poor enough condition that investigators were not able to get any fingerprints.

"At this point we have no idea who he is, no idea where he's from, no idea where he went into the river, no idea where he was living." explained Harris, "We've got nothing on him."

A sample has also been sent off to a private lab to type his DNA in hopes of a match. The DNA results are expected in a couple of months.

The unidentified man's body was discovered floating in the river by a passer-by the evening of July 4th, 2021, near Hale Park.

An anthropologist recently determined that the victim was likely a Caucasian male who stood about 5'9" and was probably around his mid-60's. Investigators found a faint, undistinguishable tattoo on the front surface of his left forearm.

The anthropologist also created two images of what the man may have looked like based on his bone structure (one with the victim's dentures in and one without):



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