There's more clarification about a woman who was found dead early Christmas morning at the Downtown Inn in Wenatchee. 

Chelan County Coroner Wayne Harris says she was not frozen, as was originally reported. 

"Her sweatshirt was frozen because she was on the ground in the snow," said Harris. "And then, obviously her body heat would have melted the snow. And then when she passed away and laid there, it would have frozen again. So, her sweatshirt was frozen, but her body was not frozen." 

Harris said there were no signs of hypothermia, which could lead to death in extreme cold weather. Early Christmas morning temperatures were in the teens in Wenatchee. 

Harris said he's waiting for a toxicology report to help determine the cause of death. He said the results would come back in about six-weeks. 

The woman who died has been identified as 63-year-old Ivy E Medina, who lived in Wenatchee with her husband. 

Harris also said there were no signs of trauma or foul play.  He said it was important to clarify that the woman did not freeze to death. 

"That changes a lot of things because everyone was thinking she was homeless, and why she didn't go to a shelter," Harris said. 

Wenatchee Police earlier said they were examining video footage from the motel to gather information on what may have happened. 

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