Both state representatives from Chelan County are endorsing Nikki Haley for President. 

Keith Goehner and Mike Steele are both Republicans, and both say they've met with curiosity about their endorsement of Haley over frontrunner Donald Trump. 

Rep. Keith Goehner's office
Rep. Keith Goehner's office

Goehner says Haley is qualified to lead the country because of her high level of experience. 

“From both a national level and being a governor, she understands local government and how a state should operate,” said Goehner. “And then having that experience with the United Nations, I think she is well qualified. And I think she would serve us well.”  

Steele says Trump does not meet the standard he expects in a President. 

“I have worked for Presidents,” said Steele. “In my past employment history, I worked for George W. Bush. I have a certain expectation on how the federal government should run, and how a President should conduct himself. And I think that every person is entitled to their decision when it comes to your right to vote. And I’m exercising my individual right to do that.

Polls show overwhelming support for former President Trump among Republican base voters. 

Haley has emerged as the strongest competitor in a couple of east coast early primary states, although she still trails Trump by double digits in both.  

Haley has also been trying to recover from a perceived misstep at a New Hampshire appearance, where she did not mention slavery as a cause for the U.S. Civil War.  

Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley Campaigns In Iowa Ahead Of The State's Caucus Next Month
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Representatives Goehner and Steele are among 13 Republican state lawmakers in Washington to endorse Haley. 

Her campaign released a statement just after the new year unveiling a list of her Washington state leadership team, her endorsers, Congressional District Chairs and County Chairs. 

Haley has representation in all 10 congressional districts. 

However, her campaign has only organized chairpersons in eight counties: Clark, Douglas, King, Kitsap, Pierce, Skagit, Thurston and Whatcom. 

Other lawmakers in North Central Washington to endorse Haley are 13th District Senator Judy Warnick and 7th District Representative Jacquelin Maycumber. 

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